Not every day (at least for me)


I’ve decided that Halls Gap (Australia) is probably one of my favourite places in the world. It is just so peaceful and scenic that you can honestly just escape the hustle and bustle of life. There are Kangaroo’s that bounce past the restaurants, camp grounds and shops. They aren’t so friendly that they’ll let you up to them but they tolerate fairly close photo-taking (as me and my trusty, disposable camera found out).

Halls Gap also has a zoo which to me was more like a glorified petting zoo. It was amazing. They let you book in to feed meerkats and pat the dingoes. The dingoes just wanted to stand on your lap and demanded cuddles. They were seriously adorable.


The meerkats were so funny. As soon as you sat down on the log they would pull at your hands to avoid climbing onto you, it was so amazing but I resisted the urge to actually pat them. I’m not sure they would have appreciated that. They have this little heat lamp (in the corner of the picture) to try and combat the effects of a Victorian winter. They’d crowd around it and push each other out of the way to get closest to it.


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