Finally I know what Australian’s sound like!

So after four days of only hanging out with American’s and other international students I met more Australian’s today! It’s really strange, now that I’ve been listening to different people speak I finally know what other people hear when I talk. When you live in Australia and are permanently surrounded by other Australian’s you don’t really notice it. I actually laughed cause it’s such a strange thing for me.


So everyone else is arriving on campus today including a whole two of my housemates! Only two more to go until we are all here. So far everyone has been really nice. The only annoying thing is that people eat dinner really early around here so I keep accidentally missing it. I maintain that 6:30 is not an appropriate time to stop dinner.


Anyway I have nothing interesting to say today. Peace.


Welcome to America! (More or less)

So after a 23 (approximately) hour journey across time-zones; I am now sitting in my dorm room in Arcata, California after partaking in some traditional American cuisine (read: chicken parma sub and a coke aka soda).

My dorm from the outside looks pretty cool.

My dorm from the outside looks pretty cool.


My dorm is pretty cool. Once you’ve walked up a massive hill (pictured below) its actually really beautiful. I had to get some help to walk (drag) my stuff up The Hill because it is really steep. Surrounded on all sides by redwoods. It is quite picturesque. (I will take some pictures tomorrow maybe, I haven’t really had time to yet). I’m the first one to move into my dorm. Today I went to Eureka, California to buy essentials and came back with 1 orange plate, bowl, cup and knife and fork (nothing if not matching don’t you know).

This is The Hill. It will be referred to in capital from now on. (Picture does not do justice)

This is The Hill. It will be referred to in capital from now on. (Picture does not do justice)


I’m actually without bed linen until tomorrow which I thought would matter but it doesn’t. Technologically impaired Bek is unable to turn off the heating in the apartment so until such time as my room-mates arrive it’s going to be like 23 degrees in here. I also spent 10min trying to figure out how to work the shower, you will be happy to know that I got there in the end.

There really isn’t much to report back at this stage. I’ve met a lot of people already and made friends with a few of them. Most people are really helpful. I think everyone gets in on Tuesday so then I assume the university will be busy, at the moment though it’s just really peaceful.

The view from outside my window.

The view from outside my window.


That’s all for the moment I think. I’ll update you all a bit later on how things are travelling. There is a hiking trail which I can see just outside my window so tomorrow I might check it out and see where it goes. Who knows.

Journey across the world

So in a few days (6 to be precise) I will be getting onto a plane and flying to America where I will live for four months. I’m getting quite nervous and a little stressed. I am certain that is because I have had to pack up my house, clean it, move furniture, finish work and organise my stuff for travelling at the same time.

On Wednesday I’ve decided that to ‘chill out’ before my journey I will have my hair cut, maybe a massage and just relax. That should get me prepared for the 20 (or so) hour journey.

I still find it amusing that for reasons (resulting from my own stupidity) I will have no bed linen for the first two nights but hey, everyone needs stories to go with their trips.

Not every day (at least for me)


I’ve decided that Halls Gap (Australia) is probably one of my favourite places in the world. It is just so peaceful and scenic that you can honestly just escape the hustle and bustle of life. There are Kangaroo’s that bounce past the restaurants, camp grounds and shops. They aren’t so friendly that they’ll let you up to them but they tolerate fairly close photo-taking (as me and my trusty, disposable camera found out).

Halls Gap also has a zoo which to me was more like a glorified petting zoo. It was amazing. They let you book in to feed meerkats and pat the dingoes. The dingoes just wanted to stand on your lap and demanded cuddles. They were seriously adorable.


The meerkats were so funny. As soon as you sat down on the log they would pull at your hands to avoid climbing onto you, it was so amazing but I resisted the urge to actually pat them. I’m not sure they would have appreciated that. They have this little heat lamp (in the corner of the picture) to try and combat the effects of a Victorian winter. They’d crowd around it and push each other out of the way to get closest to it.

It’s a slow day

Sometimes I really love hangover days. It’s mainly because nobody expects you to do anything other than mope about the house feeling sorry for yourself. (Today I moved house in my state, I was fairly impressed)


I’ve given into my sense of lethargy and have been in bed for the past 2 hours – when put in context of the time (2:15pm) it’s obvious that the day has been wasted. In a good way I think.